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Procell Microchanneling & Stem Cell Therapy

Procell Microchanneling & Stem Cell Therapy was developed in America.

Microchanneling improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne & acne scarring. It also improves the clinical health of your skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body already has. Procell just turns it on. Number of treatments range greatly depending on what we are treating.

  • For light anti-aging treatments – 1-2 treatments may be sufficient.
  • For deeper wrinkles and acne scarring – 4-5 treatments may be required to achieve desired results.

There is no limit to the number of treatments that one can receive as long as adequate time passes between each treatment.

About Procell Microchanneling Therapy

Procell creates invisible micro-perforations and stimulates cells called keratinocytes that activate the production of new collagen by stimulation, rather than damage.

While chemical peels, IPL & Laser treatments have their place in aesthetic skin care, they all produce improvement by injuring the skin to cause healing responses.

Procell microchanneling is unique in that it stimulates improvement by the stimulated release of epidermal growth factors with virtually no damage to the skin.

The treatment produces a clinically significant increase in the production of new collagen and elastin through the release of these powerful growth factors and cytokines.

Procell produces maximum stimulation, with minimal inflammation. This balanced approach to skin rejuvenation reduces recovery time to near zerowhile maximizing results!

You’ll experience an immediate improvement in skin tone, texture, laxity, fine lines and wrinkles. And you’ll see long term improvement that really last when you complete a series of treatments as recommended by the skin care professional.

Procell can dramatically improve your skin’s firmness, smoothness, elasticity, hydration, sensitivity and tone.

Visible improvement in aging skin, acne and other scarring, uneven or hyper-pigmented skin & overall tone and texture are real with Procell. And with our expertise, we can show you how to make those results last!

Contraindications: Relative contraindications include: keloids or raised scarring; history of eczema, psoriasis and any other chronic skin conditions; of actinic (solar) keratosis; history of herpes simplex infections (cold sores); diabetes; high blood pressure, pregnancy, presence of raised moles, warts or any raised lesions on the area to be treated. 

I would like to share this video from youtube. A demonstation of how Micro-channeling Procell Therapy works. 

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This fast and easy two-part aftercare system replaces everything on your client’s shelf. A powerhouse of physiologically balanced growth factors and cytokines, potent peptides and protective antioxidants.

Procell Micro-channeling & Stem Cell Therapy

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