Before arriving at your appointment please remember to have no makeup on or around your eyes. Makeup will prevent the glue from bonding to your lashes. Also 24 hours before eyelash extensions do not use any cream, moisturizer or oils around your eye area. Oil prevents the glue from sticking. eyelash aftercare

eyelash extension

When you have your treatment, your lower lashes will be taped down to avoid them getting stuck. During the procedure, your eyes must remain closed for the whole time to avoid any glue seeping in. The technician will place an extension on every eyelash unless the eyelash is broken or too short to support a lash. Once your treatment is finished, your eyelashes will be detached from the tape gently and the tape will be removed. This may make your eyes water slightly but this is perfectly normal and will not effect your lashes. The salon will check in with you and see if you are satisfied with your lashes before leaving. If you are not satisfied for any reason please speak up and they will sort the issue out immediately.



Make sure you are not going to have any distractions and you that you can’t open your eyes until the glue is dried. eyelash aftercare eyelash aftercare eyelash aftercare

After eyelashes have been applied for 48 hours avoid getting them wet, do not use make up or creams in the eye area. The eyelash extensions need this time to bond fully to each lash. Don’t do swimming, saunas, hot lights, sun beds and steam rooms it will also prevent the glue from bonding.

Gentle lash cleanser with cleaning brush

Oil free makeup remover

Remember to avoid using eye make up removers or solutions near the lashes that contain oil, P.E.G. (polyethylene glycol), propylene glycol or other glycol based ingredients while wearing lash extensions. Using these ingredients can prevent extensions from fully bonding with lashes, shortening the life of your eyelash extensions.

No Water for 48 Hours

Swimming after 48 hours of having eyelash extensions is allowed, just be aware that chlorine can shorten the life of your lashes so be careful.

If you choose to wear mascara whilst wearing eyelash extensions, please ensure it is NON- WATERPROOF. Repeated use of mascara while wearing extensions may cause extensions to loosen and shorten their lifespan. It can also clump the lashes together and if not removed properly can look lumpy.

If you chose to have your lashes removed please have it done by a trained professional to avoid damage to your own lashes.

At all times, avoid pulling, rubbing, picking, flicking and touching your lashes as this will help loosen them.

Oil free mascara for eyelash extensions

Medical Conditions

Any medical conditions you have may effect your lashes. They are still able to be done however they may fall out sooner due to your condition. Conditions that may interfere with your natural lash growth such as over/ under active thyroid, under going chemo therapy, alapechia, stress, diabetes etc…

Conditions which will prevent you from having eyelash extensions are: stys, conjunctivitis, eye infection, blocked tear duct, eczema on the eye. They can cross contaminate between eyes and irritate you. Also it is in best interest that  we do not carry out treatment on you if you have those conditions due to cross contamination. Please make your technician aware before your appointment  of any of these conditions and we will rebook you once your eye is healthy. Failure to do so will induce a charge due to petrol cost.

If you care for your eyelashes correctly then infills are required 2 – 3 weeks however I have clients that get infills every 4 – 5 weeks and still have 50% of the extensions as they have cared for them correctly. Some salons do not accept any responsibility for the lashes not lasting until infill date as they only use the greatest quality products and take the greatest care while doing the lashes.

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