What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that fills in sparse areas of the eyebrow to make them look fuller. Using tiny needles instead of a tattoo gun, hair strokes are drawn on the eyebrow area. Unlike a traditional tattoo or eyebrow tattoo, which is permanent, the pigment from microblading can last for up to 3 years. This is because microblading uses a different technique and not a harsh amount of pigment. The results of microblading are perfect, filled-in brows that don’t require being filled in every single day.

Eyebrow Tattoo vs. Microblading Eyebrows

Having either microblading or eyebrow tattoo done are very different procedures. Read below to learn more about the differences or visit our page Microblading vs Eyebrow Tattoo: Which is better? for further information!


First, the differences in coloring used in microblading and eyebrow tattoo are very different from each other. Tattoo artists use black tattoo ink just like in tattoos. Microblading artists mix different pigments to best match the client’s hair color. Pigment is more ideal for an eyebrow treatment because it fades to a lighter version of the color used. However, tattoo ink fades to a blue-green color that is undesirable for many people.

how much microblading costs

In this photo, you can compare eyebrow tattoo (left) and microblading (right).


You may have seen eyebrow tattoos which is a permanent procedure that does not fade much and changes colors after time. If you are looking for a natural end result, microblading might be perfect for you! It is a semi-permanent procedure that lasts from 2-3 years. Factors such as skin type, age, and aftercare play in how long it will last. Over time, your eyebrows will eventually fade to a lighter version of the color, not blue or green like eyebrow tattoos. One possible downside is that microblading customers will have to get their eyebrow’s shape and color touched up often. But in my opinion, I’d rather touch up more often and have natural brows than having strange colored brows that will stay on my face forever.

Microblading Eyebrows


The microblading process is very different from eyebrow tattooing. In tattooing, your eyebrows have one thick and dark brow. Tattooing is also said to be more painful than microblading. In microblading, your eyebrows are numbed then are microblading with individual hair-like strokes to blend with your natural brow hair. Microbladed brows are hand-drawn using a very thin and small blade to draw hair strokes on the skin. 

Advantages Of Microblading

Licensed microblading artists do not use any machines in their work. With the help of a special eyebrow microblading device, specialists use the shape of the client’s eyebrow to create fine hairs with pigment. This special device gives the eyebrows visual volume that makes their eyebrows look beautiful without any trace of touch-up. In addition, the growing popularity of microblading eyebrows are due to numerous additional benefits:

  • Always have perfect looking eyebrows! No more having to draw your brows are worrying about them rubbing off
  • They are long lasting, after having your first touch up after the first session, your brows should last up to 2-3 years!
  • Takes a minimum amount of time – half the time off the usual tattoo. A two hour microblading session can save you so much time for the next three years!
  • The process is almost painless due to the small size of the needle
  • It has a very short recovery period after the session
  • The procedure can be used by any age woman, if there are no corresponding contraindications
  • Pigment lightens, so you can change your brow’s look and color. Unlike eyebrow tattoo, which is permanent and turns to a weird color.
  • A safe treatment! As long as you research and choose a professional microblading artist, this treatment should be safe and go well!


Microblading vs eyebrow tattoo

Since you now understand what advantages microblading eyebrows can bring. You can decide if you would like to have this treatment done. Once you have microblading done, you do not have to worry about the appearance of your eyebrows. There are many benefits of microblading, so what are you waiting for?

What Is The Average Microblading Cost?

Microblading can range in cost from around $200 dollars to even $800 dollars, WOW! The price really depends on the location and how much the owner wants to charge. Many people believe that the more expensive the treatment is, the better, but that might not always be the case. To choose where to get microblading done you need to keep in mind, are you looking for an Instagram model look (which will cost more) or an everyday natural look (usually less

Does Microblading Fade Completely?

Microblading does work in a similar way to a regular normal tattoo inking but, it doesn’t go anywhere near as deep into the skin, meaning that the effects do slowly fade away after some time. According to the many microblading eyebrow professionals, microblading can last between 12 months and three years. When you notice your eyebrows fading, it may be time for a touch up which restores the brows to last for another 2-3 years!

Should I Get Cheap Microblading Eyebrows Done?

No…and yes?; no matter the price, you should ALWAYS LOOK FOR A PROFESSIONAL. Microblading eyebrows done by people who charge way below or sometimes way above average prices are usually newbies doing the procedures at their home. They don’t have the actual permit, bloodborne certified by the health department inspection, do not pay fees (insurances, rents, a lot of supplies) and are not sanitary. Going to a professional is the right choice, they know what they are doing since they have done many clients. The price may be a factor, but do your research, read reviews, and always check the artists has REAL photos (websites or social media such as Instagram). It will make a big difference going to a professional compared to a new artist. 

The microblading artist is very important since it determines your experience. Many artists who recently graduate with a permanent makeup license may not be as reliable. The microblading service may be done in their homes or in a rented room and they usually do not have as much experience. However, artists with years of experience usually charge a fair amount and are located in a studio. Experienced artists may be more reliable as they have serviced many customers and pay a lot of insurances in case of accidents. If you choose an artist who does their service not in a studio, it may be hard to contact them in case of any problems that arise. With an artist at a studio location, you know that they will always be there. With that in mind, choosing a microblading artist is very important.

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