Microblading has been a popular cosmetic treatment for the past few years for very great reasons! For some individuals who have gotten eyebrow tattoos prior, micro blading eyebrow is the perfect service to give them a fresh set of eyebrows. The brows from eyebrow tattoos have often faded and turned into a blue-grey color that many do not find appealing anymore. Also, as we age, the eyebrows may not align with your face structure making the eyebrows look out of place. Others may not want to go through the process of tattoo removal which is why microblading eyebrows can be a perfect solution.

At Blossom Beauty Studio, clients with existing permanent makeup often come to us for eyebrow microblading. Many want to know if microblading could be performed over the eyebrow tattoo or even microblading from another studio. But, we can not always work of existing eyebrow tattoo for several reasons.

Follow along as we provide a complete guide to everything you need to know about eyebrow cover ups. micro blading eyebrow

microblading over eyebrow tattoo
microblading done over eyebrow tattoo

both images show eyebrow tattoo (left) and microblading done over the tattoo (right)

So, What Even Is The Different Between Microblading And Eyebrow Tattoo?

The old way of achieving perfect eyebrows was with eyebrow tattoos. Eyebrow tattoos use a similar process to getting a tattoo done. The eyebrows are applied with a tattoo gun using black tattoo ink. The results are bold, filled in eyebrows. Although many may be happy with the results, the tattoo ink expands and fades over time into an unappealing blue-grey hue.

On the other hand, microblading uses a thin and small blade to draw individual hair strokes that mimic eyebrows hairs. Instead of tattoo ink, microblading inserts color with pigment that has many shades to match your skin and hair color. The results fade more quickly than eyebrow tattoo, but many prefer this because it means the eyebrow color, shape, and style can be changed often and is not permanent like eyebrow tattoos. 

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How Do I Start?

If you would like to have microblading eyebrows done over your previous eyebrow tattoo, it is recommended to come into the studio first so our artist can examine your eyebrows. The artist will look at your eyebrows at your appointment and discuss the process of having microblading done over your existing brows with you.

After your consultation appointment with our master permanent makeup artist, it is up to you to decide if you would like this treatment done. Microblading is a quick and relaxing process that can take one hour (retouch) to two and a half hours depending on which appointment you schedule and what is needed for your situation. 

Microblading Eyebrows

Note That Old Eyebrow Tattoo With Light And Ink That Is Not Too Deep Into Skin Is Ideal

If your eyebrows carry a lot of ink and is dark, it will be harder for the hair strokes to show up. This means you may need to wait for the ink to fade before getting microblading done, so our artist can create beautiful natural brows for you. However, there are other techniques that can be used to give you the brows you desire when your eyebrows may be too dark, deep, or dense.

Shading Or Combo Permanent Makeup Is Optimal To Cover Eyebrow Tattoo Up

In some instances, micro blading eyebrow may not be the best option to cover up old eyebrow tattoo as we stated above. With this, a combination of techniques will be used to create the best results. Shading eyebrows will require the artist to use a special PMU machine to created a powdered look. With combo brows, a combination of microblading and shading is used so you get the best of both. Another technique is Ombre shading where the pigment is lighter at the front of the brows and darker towards the end. When doing a cover up, you need an experienced artist who is able to blend their work with the previous artists work.

Once your artist determines that they will be able to do a cover up for your eyebrows, depending on your state, you may be able to choose from the options listed above. If your eyebrows are too dark, deep, or dense the artist will blend different techniques to create the best eyebrows for you. This is the best thing about microblading because there are multiple choices and you are not limited to one style.

Here is an Instagram post of a before and after of a permanent makeup cover up.

What If A Eyebrow Tattoo Cover Up Is Not An Option For You?

In the case that we cannot cover your eyebrow tattoo or you do not want it to be covered up, you can consider laser tattoo removal or saline tattoo removal. Pico laser removal is the most popular and advanced removal that is done today. Pico laser removal uses light to break down tattoo ink into tiny particles that will be removed naturally by your body’s immune system. 

We hope this guide helped you explore the different options you have for your eyebrow tattoo. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation appointment, please give us a call at (909)-288-2000 so we can provide more information or schedule an appointment. We are always here to help!

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